Download Sango Apk – Free Apk Download For Android

Download Sango Apk – Free Apk Download For Android

Download Sango Apk - Free Apk Download For Android

Sango is the best place to go live and voice chat! Join now to meet awesome friends worldwide, showcase talents, and support artists! Share your life with others all over the world. You will talk with others by sharing your stories or your ideas. Join an online party in Sango!
Enjoy your day with us!

With Sango you can:
– have a funny encounter
– have a deep conversation
– make new friends

———❤Why Sango?———

🤳Live Voice Chat
– Create a High-quality voice chat with up to 10 people in your Room.
– Chat with strangers to expand your social community network.
– Make use of our live voice chat with interactive voice emojis to have fun.

🎤Entertaining Community
-Create rooms more convenient
-Sango is filled with diverse, voice content streaming every second!

Want more features? Get right now!

🌏Funny Tribal Theme
-There are three tribes of Lion, Eagle, and Shark for you to join us.
-Join a ‘Tribal’ and invite your friends and families too. More fun activities are waiting for you.

-You can challenge anyone by on click the button. The winner will get more awards, and the loser will accept funny punishment.
Have PK with your friends and punish those who lose!

🎮Mini Games in Real-time
-Sango Game box has more fun games waiting for you
-Games can make you happier while chatting online. Find friends through playing games!

📱 Status symbol
-Aristocrat is the exclusive status symbol of sango. There are different levels of aristocrat which has corresponding privileges, you can get the aristocrat and enjoy the privileges by paying monthly to activate it!


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