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YouTube Music launches a completely revamped user interface


YouTube Music has steadily acquired new features and improvements in recent times. In March, the service acquired Snapchat integration , allowing users to share their favorite songs on Snapchat Stories.

YouTube Music

Last month, the streaming service added a couple of new features like an improved radio algorithm, Family Shelf, and shuffle support for YouTube Music for Wear OS. Now Google is testing a brand new playlist UI on the mobile app .

As noted on Reddit ,  the latest YouTube Music update offers a redesigned playlist UI . The new UI moves the album cover to the center, with the playlist name and row of buttons appearing just below. Meanwhile, a blurry background , created based on the album cover, at the top gives the playlist page a nice look.

The play button appears in the foreground in the center while the download , library, sharing and three-dot menu are placed on either side. The dedicated shuffle button, however, has disappeared .