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WhatsApp New Feature : how to block auto groups insertion


In recent weeks, a new feature of WhatsApp was released in beta for Android and iOS. This is the very useful feature of managing the automatic insertion within the groups, which may be limited or completely blocked.

After a beta test period, the functionality is finally ready for release within the stable version of the application. The update rollout should already have started globally: within a few hours it should reach all the smartphones enabled to receive it. Meanwhile, here is how to disable the automatic insertion within WhatsApp groups.

WhatsApp: in groups by invitation only

The instructions we are about to provide are valid for both Android and iOS operating systems . After the expected update has arrived on your smartphone, changing the settings for the groups will be very simple, just follow a few simple steps:

  • open the WhatsApp application;
  • choose the “settings” tab;
  • select the ” privacy ” section ;
  • within the “groups” item it will be possible to decide to leave the automatic insertion within the groups enabled, limit the possibility to only the contacts present in the phonebook or disable it completely. In the latter case, when someone tries to add you to a group you will receive an invitation that you can decide to accept or refuse.

Therefore, finally it will be possible to have more control and avoid finding ourselves in groups that do not reflect our interests. A particularly interesting novelty for a number of reasons. In fact, the unsolicited insertion within a group can be not only annoying , but also dangerous : some time ago, we told you about the existence of a series of child abuse groups that escaped the control of the platform security team instant messaging.


Unfortunately, it seems that the illegal activities that exploit the service are much more than you might think, there are even third-party applications that provide a real catalog of groups, divided by topic and accompanied by access links. Although these apps have been removed from official stores, it is not complicated to find them on the net. Therefore, protecting yourself by limiting the automatic insertion within the groups could prove to be a useful method to increase the level of security and protect your privacy .

Source: WhatsApp

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