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Vivo patents a smartphone with a rotating screen

There are many patents that appear online on a daily basis as evidence of news that is coming to the market, but the one that has emerged in these hours is truly particular. This time, we are surprised by the well-known Chinese company Vivo who has patented a truly unique design regarding a smartphone. The peculiarity concerns the lower part of the smartphone that would be rotating. This type of design would allow users to access more functions such as typing with the keyboard or drawing on it simply by rotating the lower part of the device.

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Other smartphones had a spinning part, but to date this feature has been dedicated to the camera. In this case, however, the camera is fixed. The reason for this is complex to understand, but behind each patent there is a project that only the final product will be able to go to carry out (if it ever comes on the market).

A smartphone with a rotating lower display

Vivo patented this particular project on March 10 with the China Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA). The patent was granted and published on 17 July 2020 revealing the design aesthetic in all its thickness.

As you can see in the images relating to the patent, the module can rotate thanks to the help of a motor connected to the display . The diagram would show clockwise movement of the module and we are not sure if the system supports movement in both directions.
Furthermore, there are no details on whether or not both sides of the rotating module have a display.

vivo  - Annotazione 2020 07 17 183258 - Vivo patents a smartphone with a rotating screen

Surely, on the one hand, we can admire the presence of an active keyboard in the back while another image reveals the possibility of taking notes and typing through the screen keyboard but also drawing. It is interesting to note that  a circular button near the rotating module has been implemented in the lower left of the phone . It could be a button useful to start the virtual assistant, or a quick shutter button for the camera or developed specifically to control the rotating module below. On the bottom we find a USB-C type port and speaker grilles.



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