This leak reveals the complete data sheet of Google Pixel 7

After learning the launch date and the alleged prices of the Google Pixel 7 range , it remains to find out what the specifications of these upcoming smartphones are.

Based on the information that has emerged so far, informant Yogesh Brar has drawn up a technical data sheet of the cheapest model of the next two Google smartphones .

Google Pixel 7 may introduce few improvements over Pixel 6

According to the leaker’s hypothesis, the improvements made to Google Pixel 7 would be marginal compared to the predecessor. Here are the alleged specifications:

Compared to the predecessor, the Google Pixel 7 should basically feature the Google Pixel 6 Pro front camera , a slightly larger battery and a slightly smaller display with the same performance as the previous model.

Furthermore, the second-generation Tensor chipset does not appear to be significantly more powerful than its predecessor based on early benchmarks.

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