The update of WhatsApp Beta anticipates a novelty for ephemeral messages

In the past few hours,  WhatsApp  has started the release of a new  update  of the Beta version of the application for Android through the  Google Play Beta  Program : version has arrived . If you are wondering what news is contained in this new release for beta testers, well know that the development team of the well-known messaging application is working on the possibility of activating ephemeral messages in multiple pre-existing chats at once; the news should arrive for everyone with a future update of the app.


WhatsApp Beta: the news of the update 2.22. 11.11

Last year WhatsApp had taken an important step forward in terms of privacy protection through the introduction of ephemeral messages , activated in new chats by default. The function provides for the setting of a default timer for all users of the service, who are also offered the possibility of customizing it: simply open the Settings, enter Account and then Privacy again: in the subsection Ephemeral messages of the law ‘ Default Message Timer option , which is set to 24 hours by default, however it can be changed (7 days, 90 days, No) and applies to all new individual chats.

Well, now the development team of the instant messaging service is working on a future expansion of the function in question, to be applied also to the already existing chats. At present, there is an indication that reads verbatim: “ When this setting is active, all new individual chats will start with ephemeral messages visible for the selected time period. This setting does not affect existing chats ”.

As you can see from the screenshot below, this final detail could soon undergo a clear change, however, left to the free choice of users: WhatsApp is working on inserting an option that will allow you to apply the timer set for ephemeral messages also to individual chats created previously, but only to those expressly selected: in fact, in the screenshot, we read verbatim: “ This does not affect your existing chats. Apply this message timer to existing chats by selecting them “.


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