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Super Stunt Car : Offroad v1.1

Super Stunt Car : Offroad v1.1

Super Stunt Car : Offroad Super Stunt Car : Offroad v1.1

 Game description: Super Stunt Car: Offroad is a crazy open world driving smash up! – Do huge crazy stunts in a massive mountain environment to get big scores – 3 awesome game modes. – AAA driving physics – Speed! – Explosions! Compatibility: Super Stunt Car: Offroad is a full open world 3D racing experience – it requires a reasonable device to run. We have been unable to test every possible android device out there. If you have any issue with the game please contact light arc studio support with your device type for a speedy refund, and to help us avoid future gamers with your device having the same issue. Thanks! In Super Stunt Car: Offroad racing you will be hitting the hills at high speed as as you fling your truck into massive jumps, crashes and smashes. Leap off cliffs with a reckless disregard for gravity and spin and smash into the rocks below. The more crazy and reckless the stunt the better in this game. Perform death defying stunts as you jump from hill to hill and climb to dizzying heights above the desert. The views are stunning in awesome 3d, more like a console than a mobile title. Rise above the rest and let gravity help you get to massive speeds on the way down the hill! Hit a ramp and jump and fly through a spinning super trick. In score attack mode its all about hitting the biggest stunts you can as quickly as you can. Speed is the essence, use the land around you and the part of the open world you find to the best advantage you can. fast skids, jumps, spins and real crazy tricks with all gain you points and time. In checkpoint challenge mode you are racing against the clock to go as far and fast as you can. Race against your best race time and also try and hit the hot stunts and explosions on the way for extra time and score. This mode is all about fast speed and great racing control. Be the fastest racer down the race tracks through the hills, be the best driver and smash the record. In freeride mode you can do whatever you like – a real openworld experience – no time pressure here just explore! Maybe you want to scour the hills and mountains to find all the hidden barrels? Maybe you want to try and set the best airtime or best trick score – climb to the top of a mountain, taxi down the runway then floor it and hit a ramp to achieve takeoff way up in the sky. Freefall back to earth, with a reckless disregard for gravity, getting real big scores on the way. If you manage to land on your wheels you get even bigger scores! Barrels cause explosions and mayhem, sending you spinning into the air on a hot wave of fire. Light up chains of explosions for really hot awesome scores. Super Stunt Car : OffRoad is fun for all the family. Kids will pick up and play with the easy driving controls and crazy stunts for all. Adults will love searching out the biggest, best stunts and being the best racer in town. Super Stunt Car : Off Road – Racing has never been so crazy – race to hit the hills now – 5,4,3,2,1 GO!!
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