Skating Club Live Wallpaper

Skating Club Live Wallpaper

Skating Club Live Wallpaper for Android  - Skating Club Live Wallpaper - Skating Club Live Wallpaper

Enjoy the incredible skating experience on the new lovely skating rinks from dusk till dawn!

Magic fireflies and air lanterns fly in fabulous space. The great carnival is going to start. Let your imagination take you into bewitching fairy-tale world full of miracles and surprises.

You can interact with the characters. Let them slide little faster after touch. They like to play catch-up and always to share their eternal happiness and serenity.

To configure Skating Club live wallpaper double tap on your home screen. After that you can change average speed of the characters and select the skating rinks.

The Skating Club is is open all year round and welcomes everybody, regardless of age, gender, residence and religion.

Fabulous rink glad to shelter everyone and hide from any adversity.

Meet new friends and feel the spirits of everlasting festival!

Skating Club Live Wallpaper
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