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Real Speed Asphalt v1.0


Real Speed Asphalt v1.0

Real Speed Asphalt

 Game description: The race car’s gear is in full throttle and the foot is on the pedal, all you have to do is take control and drive your best on some of the fastest race tracks in the world. Yes you have been hit by Real Speed Asphalt, the ultimate racing gamegame that lets you kick some serious ass! Real Speed Asphalt features: ★ High-end racing cars outrunning each other ★ Brilliant HD graphics in a visually stunning 3D experience ★ True to life adrenaline rush of driving a professional racecar ★ Simply tilt your phone left and right to stay clear off vehicles and move forward ★ Built for gaining high speeds like no other asphalt game ★Rally on different types of tracks – with asphalt surface or semi-grass or sand ★ Sure to be your favorite along with Need for Speed and other Asphalt racing games ★ My way or the highway racing experience – take the competition to the next level ★Sometimes good things do come for free! You have seen the Formula 1 chases enough. Lusted enough after the shining cars in Fast and the Furious movies. Dreamt enough of driving these mean machines. Seriously, enough of all that! Real Speed Asphalt has just vroomed up to give you the racing experience of a lifetime! So your gaining pace during indycar, le mans, Monaco, indianapolis and nascar races will become a reality. All you need is a smartphone and the will to move ahead at all costs. Yes, beating the fastest and skilled drivers is no joke. Sometimes, it’s even a matter of life and death. Accidents happen on the race track and there are those unlucky few who don’t make it alive! In other words, Real Speed Asphalt is a sport only for the brave-hearted. Come only if you are willing to test your driving skills to their limits in this brilliant simulation of all grand prix races. A multiplayer race to the finish, Real Speed Asphalt gets you the meanest super car. Lamborghini? Porsche? Bugatti Veyron ? Porshce? You guessed them right! So use you top gear, plan your strategy and get on the road with only one goal in mind – to win! The world’s ready to receive its next rally champion in asphalt races. Are you?

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