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Pixlr-o-matic 2.2.1 APK for Android


Pixlr-o-matic 2.2.1 APK for Android


Pixlr-o-matic for Android Features:

  • Effects help you adjust the mood of your photo – amplify the tone, cool it down, or add surreal shades to your pictures.
  • Overlays add drama, sparkle, neon, light leaks, and grunge to your images.
  • Finish off your photo editing process with the right border – pick a style that fits you.
  • Want it all in a single swipe? Try the randomizer tool and the application will automatically select an effect, overlay, and border for you.

Download Pixlr-o-matic 2.2.1 Android APK

You can download the APK file for Pixlr-o-matic from here: Download Pixlr-o-matic APK – (Google Play Store).

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