Orbit Space 3D LWP Free Live Wallpaper

Orbit Space 3D LWP Free Live Wallpaper


 Orbit Space 3D LWP Free Live Wallpaper for Android  - Orbit Space 3D LWP Free - Orbit Space 3D LWP Free Live Wallpaper

Orbit Space 3D Live Wallpaper Free shows an alien universe with three planets, various meteors, distant galaxies, and a unique actively burning star at the center. Explore the universe yourself by swiping up or down.

Swipe Up: Move View Away from Center – then Repeat from closest celestial body.
Swipe Down: Move View Towards Center – then Repeat from farthest celestial body.
Swipe Left/Right: Pan the View Left or Right

Double Tap: Access the settings
Two-Finger Double Tap: Randomize the Universe (ONLY IN FULL VERSION)

With twelve planets, twelve moons, six suns, six universe themes, and a large range of customization options, the full version of Orbit Space 3D Live Wallpaper allows you to create a view of the universe at any point in its life-cycle. This free version shows one configuration of the universe.

To Apply:
Go into your application drawer -> Pick “Orbit Space 3D Free” -> Then pick “Orbit Space 3D Free” again at the Set Wallpaper Menu.

Home -> Menu -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpaper -> Orbit Space 3D Free -> Set Wallpaper

IMPORTANT NOTE: To access settings, just double tap on the main home screen. Accessing settings via the Set Wallpaper menu will cause this application to crash and have some undesirable behavior. If this accidentally happens to you – simply set the wallpaper to something else – and then reset it back to Orbit Space 3D Free.

Also, this wallpaper is graphically intensive – to make sure your device can handle it – please download this version first. As support for this product grows, I will have more resources to optimize this more for most devices.

The universe can be created with a new set of unique planets at any time by double tapping with two fingers (ONLY IN FULL VERSION).

List of Available Planets (IN FULL VERSION):
1. Dystopia | 2. Rubicund | 3. Abyss | 4. Tundra | 5.Erosion | 6. Quartz | 7. Minerva | 8. Sandstone | 9. Prospect | 10. Frozen | 11. Snowcap | 12. Oceanic

List of Available Moons (IN FULL VERSION):
1. Ares | 2. Moss | 3. Grimstone | 4. Aspen | 5. Exploit | 6. Desiccate  | 7. Devoid | 8. Arsnic | 9. Europos | 10. Jade | 11. Sandstorm | 12. Viola

List of Available Universe Themes (IN FULL VERSION):
1. Prism | 2. Mulierum | 3. Varuna | 4. Amethyst | 5. Vitality | 6. Contrast

There are many options – to view the settings simply double tap on the screen:

+ Set Predefined Suns (6 available)
+ Set Predefined Planets (12 available)
+ Set Predefined Moons (12 available)
+ Set Predefined Universe Themes (6 available)
+ Set Sun On/Off
+ Set Planets On/Off
+ Set Meteors On/Off
+ Set Distant Galaxies On/Off
+ Set Smaller Stars On/Off
+ Set Camera Distance
+ Set Two Finger Tap To Randomize On/Off
+ Set To Manually Scroll Scene

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