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OneToucher 5.0.0 APK for Android

OneToucher 5.0.0 APK for Android

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OneToucher is a cool toucher and sidebar settings app on Android.

It’s a fast, brilliant and fun way to interact with you.1. Support both Android smartphones/tablets.2. Support includes the sidebar touch, the floating touch and assistive touch3. The new flat UI interface4. Fast ON/OFF settings for 100% system customization5. Support app, shortcut and widget6. Support Soft Key like back soft key, menu soft key, home soft key7. Support screenshot8. Support Bubble toucher and Mini toucher

How to use Swipe Toucher1. Install Xposed App and Xposed Framework2. Reboot Your phone3. Install OneToucher App and Check Swipe Toucher Module from Xposed App4. Reboot Your phone5. Swipe on any apps

Q:How to change side bar swiping area?A:Settings -> The side bar settings

Q: Why can not uninstall OneToucher app?A: Because you add lock screen feature, Android system will protect this application, just no lock on the settings interface. “Settings” -> “No lock”

XDA Post: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=39769882

AwardsOneQuick was showcased on the front page of XDA https://www.xda-developers.com/android/floating-sidebar-and-settings-with-onequick/



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