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New details on Samsung Galaxy Fold and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G a few days after launch

It time to start marketing of  Samsung Galaxy Fold , in Europe it will be available from May 3, with the pre-orders that will open on May 26th, and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G , coming to the USA next month.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Several weeks have now passed since the presentation of the two smartphones and the South Korean giant wants to keep the interest in the two high devices and does so with a series of videos, which show some of the peculiarities, in particular those of the first folding smartphone, which represents a first step towards what the future of mobile telephony could be.

We can see the operation of App Continuity, which allows you to switch the app from the external screen to the internal one, Hyper Tasking which allows you to have up to three applications simultaneously on the display, as well as a closer look at the six cameras on  Samsung Galaxy Fold .

Samsung claims that it took over a thousand prototypes and several hundred designs before arriving at the final solution, and new materials and technologies were researched, invented and developed to make what was designed on paper possible.

Here are some videos showing the news coming up with  Samsung Galaxy Fold , before talking about Galaxy S10 5G.

Equally important is the advent of 5G networks and the  Samsung Galaxy S10 5G  is one of the first smartphones to support the new network technology, which will not only bring greater speed but also new services and user experiences. The huge 6.7-inch AMOLED display of the South Korean flagship will open up new horizons, starting in May in the US and later in other countries as well.

Sources: Sammobile , Samsung

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