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Material Live Wallpaper

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Enjoy the smooth animation of gyroscopic controlled wallpaper rotation. Material Live Wallpaper taps into the power of your device’s gyro sensor to generate a multitude of different movement effects, including rotation, light-shifting, and parallax shifting.

Choose from a wide selection of different materials to set as your background. Each material emulates a particular real-world material.

A few examples of materials to choose from:
– Various metal patterns
– Rocky surfaces
– Brick patterns
– Leather patterns
– Reflective Ice

Note: On some devices, such as the Nexus 10, the wallpaper may load correctly in the preview window, but once applied, you’re left with a black background. If this happens, simply restart your device and it should work. Once it has loaded, you should be good to go from there on out.

This app is ad-free and requires no special permissions!

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