Live photos of Lenovo tablet with E-Ink screen leaked online

The network has the first photos of the yet unannounced Yoga Paper tablet. Judging by the images, the main feature of the novelty will be a screen based on electronic ink. 

Also in the photo, a case and a complete stylus lit up.

Nothing is known about the specifications of the Yoga Paper. 

From the photo, we can only conclude about the screen size and equipment: the tablet will be equipped with a display with a diagonal of 10-11 inches, and a case and a stylus will be included.

Lenovo already has a laptop-e-reader hybrid with an E-Ink screen, the ThinkBook Plus Gen 2, in its lineup.

But the company has not previously shown tablets with a similar screen. Judging by the presence of a retail box, the release of new items will take place within a few weeks.

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