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Link Bubble 1.1.3 APK for Android


Link Bubble 1.1.3 APK for Android


Link Bubble for Android Features:

  • When you click on a link in an app, Link Bubble loads that webpage in the background, leaving you free to keep using your current app rather than your precious time being wasted watching a page load. Once the page has fully loaded, it will animate on screen.
  •  Link Bubble’s flick physics allow you to go from clicking a link to sharing a link or adding it to a service such as Pocket in little more than a second!
  • Load multiple links from your current app at the same time (requires Pro).
  • Gracefully handles links that redirect to other apps. No longer does clicking an Instagram link in Twitter redirect to a full screen browser before loading Instagram!

Download Link Bubble 1.1.3 Android APK

You can download the APK file for Link Bubble from here: Download Link Bubble APK – (Google Play Store).

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