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13 Comments on HTC Desire 500 Specs Video Review Root Recovery Custom ROM

  1. ilir.sensation

    .i wipe my htc desire 500,
    and a flash with this two firmware .bat dosent akcept my sim card…
    i need shtock rom or costum rom for htc desire 500 one sim.
    pls sambady help me…
    (sory for my english)

  2. Michal Hrušpi Huspek

    Hey guys I need help please :/ I dont know what happens but on my HTC Desire 500 run something called host mode. So Phone isn´t connecting to computer when I connect USB and phone is chargin only if it is dead :/ i need help please

  3. Speedy

    I have a HTC Desire 500, but With the wrong system Language for my needs.
    It looks like it has Nordic Languages, and I would like to have russian.
    I can choose russian keyboard, but not system Language.
    Any idea what can be done?
    Software Version 1.20.401.3
    Kernel version 3.4.0-g8a4aa69
    CW Z4_U_JB412_SENSE50 HTC_Nordic_News/28388
    Thanks for put me in the right direction…

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