How to install mt65xx android phone driver

As we know the mt65xx is the device which can support all types of smart phones which are coming with latest technologies. But the problem is we do not know how to install the mt65xx smart phone driver on our windows pc.

In this post, we have given the complete instruction to install the mt65xx driver on Windows PC and the most important part is, it is easy to follow without any technical knowledge.

Steps to Install mt65xx Android Phone Driver :

1. Download the file which we have mentioned below.

2. Open the downloaded file using your web browser.

3. After opening the file, you will see a page with some buttons and menus.

4. Click on the download button.

5. Then, a page with a list of files will open up.

6. You will see that the files are compressed format.

7. Just click on file and wait until the installation finishes.

8. Now, your mt65xx driver will be installed.

9. You will see a message saying “Driver Installation Complete”.

10. Restart the system and check whether the driver is working or not.

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