GTA 6, the first trailer will arrive very soon?

It is a rumor to be taken with a lot of pliers, but for the record: it seems that Rockstar Games is preparing to show the first trailer of GTA 6 , the new chapter of the series whose development was recently announced .

In fact, an insider claims that the chosen date is Friday 13 May 2022 : in support of his thesis, the source publishes an image of the plans of the Rockstar Games Twitter account, which would include content related to Grand Theft Auto 6 for on Friday. It’s hard to say if the image is legitimate or not, but we won’t have to wait long to find out.

GTA 6, the first trailer


GTA 6: what the rumors say about setting and release date

Rockstar Games has recently announced that it is officially working on GTA 6 , without going into detail, however, of the news relating to platforms, gameplay and even less the release date.

For now, we must be content with the various rumors that have actually been circulating for some time now. They all seem to agree that the developer wants to offer the largest setting ever seen in the history of the series and which could include not only the three historical locations, with Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas, but even unpublished cities, such as London and Chicago .

As for the gameplay, it seems that Rockstar wants to keep the solution of the multi-protagonist adopted with the fifth chapter, recently returned on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S. The story, from what it says, should tell the story of two twins, a boy and a girl.

Except for sensational surprises, GTA 6 should only come out on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, representing an important technological step forward compared to the latest title of the developer, Red Dead Redemption 2 , which has not yet received an update next- gen.

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