Google may bring touchpads gadget to the user’s skin

The company has patented a new gesture control technology for wearable devices. Instead of touchscreens and touch panels, she suggests using the skin on the wrist or neck next to gadgets for input. The sketch attached to the document shows how the “cyberpunk” feature might work.

Pixel Buds

The technology was given the working title Skin Interface . According to the documentation, to control the functions of the gadget, the user will be able to swipe or touch the skin of his body next to the wearable device. A gesture (vertical or horizontal swipe, short or long touch with one or more fingers) will create a mechanical wave that will be recognized by the device’s sensors.

Pixel Buds

It is expected that with this input method it will be possible to answer or end a phone call, switch tracks and adjust the headphone volume. The company also plans to use machine learning to filter out motions that aren’t intended for command input. This will allow the owner of the gadget to nod, chew, scratch, walk or talk without fear of false positives

According to the patent, Pixel Buds owners will be able to use the function by touching the skin in front of the ear or by tapping on the temple. For Pixel Watch smartwatches, the “touchscreen” can be the wrist, the back of the hand, or the forearm. For convenience, it will be possible to calibrate several touch areas of various shapes.

Pixel Buds

Now the technology exists only on paper – when and for which device Google intends to make it publicly available is unknown.

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