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Galaxy S10 + unlocked with 3D printed footprint


A user darkshark  has posted some pics on Imgur that he is fooled Galaxy S10 + with a 3D printer thumb. However it is not yet confirmed by any reliable source we have to wait for it.

However, according to what the user reported, ultrasonic finger scanners would not be inviolable. He only needed the help of a 3D printer, a photo of his own fingerprint , some changes via Photoshop and 13 minutes of printing (including a couple of unsuccessful attempts) to get a perfect replacement of his finger ready to unlock the smartphone.

Galaxy S10 + unlocked with 3D printed footprint

According to the published content, it would seem that the plastic support with the 3D printed digital impression is able to unlock the device. The doubts about the possibility that in reality it is the user’s finger (which in any case exerts a pressure on the screen) to allow the action is lawful , but it is good to observe that the same wears a glove. This, together with the thickness of the plastic piece, would make fingerprint recognition practically impossible.

Source: The Verge


I attempted to fool the new Samsung Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint scanner by using 3d printing. I succeeded.


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