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Facebook Moments 1.0 APK for Android


Facebook Moments 1.0 APK for Android


Facebook Moments for Android Features:

Finally, an easy way to get all the photos of yourself trapped on your friends’ phones. After events, celebrations, trips or just hanging out, it’s no longer a hassle to collect all the photos you’ll want to look back on. With Moments, you can quickly give your photos to friends and get their photos too.

Here’s the magic: The app groups your photos based on who’s in them and when they were taken. In one tap, you can sync your photos to the friends you choose. Then, friends can add their photos to the moment. Now, everyone has all the photos you took together!

Download Facebook Moments 1.0 Android APK

You can download the APK file for Facebook Moments 1.0.0 from here: Download Facebook Moments 1.0.0 APK – (Google Play Store).

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