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Easy Downloader 2.2.1 APK for android – Download Now


Easy Downloader 2.2.1 APK for android – Download Now

Easy Downloader-android

Easy Downloader 2.2.1 APK for android – Download Now


Easy Downloader for Android Features:

Easy Downloader is a professional, safe, stable and free mobile terminal software for downloading, effectively and quickly reducing all your downloading headache. It can not only enable you download large files in different formats easily, but also help you organize all the files in order.

a. Professional

  • Multi-Protocol: HTTP, FTP supported, BT will be supported soon;
  • Multi-Browser: Stock browser, Dolphin browser, Sky fire, Boat Browser, Firefox, etc.

b. Effective 

  • Multi-Threading: Speedup the download by 50%;
  • Multi-Task: Download different files simultaneously;
  • Pause/resume your downloads: Continue disconnected downloads;
  • Keep your downloads safe and unbroken on silly network breakages;

c. Easy

  • Bookmark: Many websites for free downloading are preset in the bookmark.
  • Category: All downloaded files are well organized in order;
  • File Manager: Easily manage all files in SD Card
  • Downloading Status: progress bar, downloaded notification
  • Copy/Paste links: Download tasks can be started by copying/pasting the link directly;
  • Share Link: Download task can be started by “share Link” (long press then “Share Link” -> “Easy Downloader “)

Download Easy Downloader 2.2.1 Android APK

You can download the APK file for Easy Downloader from here: Download Easy Downloader APK – (Google Play Store).