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Earth HD Deluxe Edition Live Wallpaper

Earth HD Deluxe Edition Live Wallpaper

Earth HD Deluxe Edition Earth HD Deluxe Edition Live Wallpaper


Earth HD Deluxe Edition – realistic live wallpaper for Android smartphones and tablets with a great view from space to Earth. Free Download, install (after installing Earth HD Deluxe Edition can be found in the “Online Wallpaper”) and enjoy the view of our beautiful planet with you on your phone. Contain 5 original wallpaper in the settings, you can specify the camera angle camera range, Earth’s rotation rate range camera and a whole bunch of other settings. Features:
  •  5 original themes: “Classic”, “realistic”, “future”, “apocalyptic”, “Frozen Earth
  • 4 FPS mode to conserve battery or maximum smoothness of motion
  • 100% 3D based on OpenGL ES 2.0 / C + + for maximum performance
  • Reflections on the surface of the ocean
  • Ability to customize the details and see all the textures to the smallest detail
  • All themes with full HD textures
  • Ability to adjust the speed of rotation of the earth
  • Ability to customize the distance from the Earth (especially useful for tablets)
  • Night City Lights
  • Sun
  • HD texture stars
  • Camera modes: Orbit / Fixed / horizontal (2 species)
  • Realistic Scene
  • Mode in which the Earth and the Sun are arranged according to today’s date 
  • Download Earth HD Deluxe Edition

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