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Download Wallz APK for Android

Wallz App is the first android apk app that offers over 1.000.000+ wallpapers to android users. This app has the ability to collect wallpapers from all around internet and give you the right wallpaper you looking for. This app will also allow user to edit the wallpaper before using as home screen or on lock screen.

Download Wallz APK for Android Download Wallz APK for Android

Download Wallz APK for Android

Wallz APK Version 1.0.2

Download Wallz APK for Android (5.1 MiB, 71 downloads)

You can also download it from Google Play Store


Features :

  1. 1.000.000+ wallpapers are being updated every day and every hour.
  2. – Great wallpapers from 30+ OEMs & 100+ devices (1000+ Stock wallpapers).
  3. – The best collections of wallpapers: Material, minimalist, popular…
  4. – Awesome wallpapers from Flickr groups, people, tags…
  5. – Smart search feature: Search OEMs, groups, tags, photos…
  6. – Add to favorites: Add new album to “Favorites” tab from search results.
  7. – Easy to manage download wallpapers.
  8. – Easy to crop & set wallpaper.
  9. – Blur tool: Blur any wallpapers.
  10. – Automatically changing the wallpaper by hour or by day.
  11. – Create widget for changing the wallpaper quickly and easily.
  12. – Provide photo sources for Muzei app.
  13. – Notify when the new wallpaper galleries are added, include:
  14. + New device’ wallpapers from the OEMs.
  15. + Upcoming events’ wallpapers such as: Christmas, New year,…
  16. + Awesome wallpapers from communities.
  17. + Awesome wallpapers from tags.
Download Wallz APK for Android (5.1 MiB, 71 downloads)
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