Download Telegram Beta 8.6.0 Apk

Download Telegram Beta 8.6.0 Apk

Download Telegram Beta 8.6.0 Apk

Telegram Beta  Flexible album management

The Beta version of Telegram for iOS and Android now has flexible album settings. You can drag and drop photos and videos to change their order in the album before they are sent directly, delete unwanted ones, add a text caption, and send media without grouping or compressing them.

Download Manager

In Beta version of Telegram for Android, a «Downloads» tab has appeared in the search. It contains both files that have already been downloaded locally and files that are currently being downloaded.

In the manager, you can pause all or just some downloads, cancel the download, change the priority of the download queue, delete files from the cache and view a chat message with the downloaded file. While downloading files, the icon in the header of the application (in the list of dialogs) will help you to quickly go to the section.

Redesign of links

Links opened in the browser for unauthorized users like have received a redesign. They have an animated gradient background, which is used by default in messenger clients.

All screens got a new design:
— User, group, channel and bot profiles.
— Viewing messages in public groups and channels.
— Viewing a specific message by its link.
— Redirect for stickerpacks, themes, and backgrounds.

Also, what we found interesting:
— In the preview of channels (from links like, while scrolling page, the background itself also moves.
— In the preview of interactive backgrounds with a given palette in the background they themselves are displayed.

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