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Discovery documentary filmed on Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra [VIDEO]

Samsung believes that the camera of a modern smartphone is suitable not only for creating a family archive, but also for professional use. To prove this in practice, a small wildlife documentary was filmed using the flagship Galaxy S21 Ultra, equipped with a 108MP main module and two TV cameras.


The Korean brand has partnered with Discovery to send renowned wildlife photographer Yashas Narayan and his team to capture the wild tiger population using the Galaxy S21 Ultra exclusively. No other cameras were used during filming. Despite this, shooting in a car while driving is at a fairly high level. Image stabilization worked best with the car constantly bouncing up and down off-road.

Samsung has released a separate video showing the filming process. It clearly shows that the operator is using only one Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra.

ads Playasia - Your One-Stop-Shop for Asian Entertainment
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