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Dania Shah’s new TikTok video finally viral on Twitter



Dania Malik, who is Aamir Liaquat Hussain’s third wife, has indicated that there is no possibility of the couple getting back together, even though it is currently uncertain what will happen to their marriage in the future.

18-year-old Dania recently uploaded a TikTok video to her social media account, in which she can be seen working and carrying out various responsibilities. On the other hand, her caption emphasizes her appreciation for the fact that she was able to reclaim her happiness.

Although it is not apparent what Dania is referring to, it seems likely that she is subtly alluding to the fact that she has made up her mind to divorce Liaquat and that she will not change her mind now that she is content. The young woman’s life has moved on to a new stage in the wake of the dissolution of her previous marriage.

“Hyee mera Allah Mujha meri khushi da di ma bhot khush ho”,

Malik’s photo was captioned.

Aamir Liaquat’s name has been removed from Dania’s Instagram account, which has also been altered; from this point forward, she will be known as Dania Malik.

In February of 2022, Aamir and Dania made the announcement that they were getting married, and Aamir presented Dania as a Syeda. After further investigation, Dania has revealed that she does not come from a Malik family but rather a Syed family.

Before ‘forever leaving Pakistan,’ Aamir had previously recorded a heartfelt video message before leaving the country. He arrived at some unexpected conclusions and responded to all of the allegations while fighting back tears.

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