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Islamic Pur Noor Duain APK for Android

Islamic Pur Noor Duain APK for Android     Description Islamic Pur Noor Duain is an application which is based on the Islamic Book named “Pur Noor Duain” written by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani Sahib. A must have application for all the muslims. This application is targeted to all who …

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99 Allah Names (Islam) APK for Android

99 Allah Names (Islam) APK for Android   Description ➤ Read the 99 Names of Allah on you’re Android Devices 🙂 The 99 Names of Allah(Asma Al-Husna), are the Names of God. Each representing a certain Attribute or Description of God. Allah(Swt) says in the Glorious Qur’an: “He is Allah …

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6 Kalma of IslamAPK for Android

6 Kalma of Islam APK for Android   Description The 6 KALMAS of Islam is an application in which people can recite the Kalmas of Islam with perfect pronunciation and translation. The application inculcates 6 Kalmas that are obligatory of every Muslim to learn by heart. This particular application makes …

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Islamic Dua APK for Android

Islamic Dua APK for Android   Description Islamic Dua Collection compiled by renowned Tamil Islamic Cleric Moulavi P. Jainul Abdeen (PJ) from Sahih Hadiths. This Islamic Dua app shows both English and Arabic version of the Dua along with the English Transliteration which users who don’t know Arabic can use …

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