Cat LivePet Wallpaper HD Live Wallpaper

Cat LivePet Wallpaper HD Live Wallpaper

 Cat LivePet Wallpaper HD Live Wallpaper for Android  - Cat LivePet Wallpaper HD LiveWallpapers - Cat LivePet Wallpaper HD Live Wallpaper

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Watch this cute cat living in your smartphone as a Live Wallpaper. Play with it, pet it and it will react like a real cat( joyful, playful, angry), tickle its belly and it will start dancing, leave it alone and it may sleep ! Great HD graphics ( XXHDPI ) and smooth animations makes it looks real and appealing. Customize it to make it look like the cat you ever wanted ! Choose between 10 furs, 10 eyes and 10 backgrounds offering up to 1000 possibilities !


♦ 8 furs : European, Siamese, Scottish Fold (grey), Scottish Fold (pink), Black and White, Brown and White, Brown Spots, Cream.
♦ 8 eyes : Big Green, Big Pink, Thin Red, Shiny Gold, Yellow, Limon Green, Chocolate, Veron Yellow Blue.
♦ 9 backgrounds : Grass, Flooring, White Carpet, Black Carpet, Chic Fuchsia, Pyjama, Pink Paws, Black, White.
Launch Promotion – Half Price
Go in the live wallpaper’s option to unlock cool stuff !


♦5 New Furs : Alien, Mummy, Devil, Skull, Ghost.
♦10 New Eyes : Alien, Alien Nice, Mummy, Mummy Uranium, Devil, Devil Stars, Skull, Skull variant, Ghost, Ghost Nebula.
♦5 New Backgrounds : Candy, Old Wooden floor, Halloween faces, Desert Bricks, Alien, Fall.
Go in the live wallpaper’s option to unlock cool stuff !
Happy Halloween !


♦ it will react if you tap its ears, mouth, paws, belly, tail…
♦ Don’t tap its head or belly too much otherwise it will get angry ! REALLY angry !
♦ Swipe its belly left to right to make it bend !
♦ Swipe its belly left to right FASTER and it will dance !
♦ Swipe its head or belly up to down to make it purr !
♦ If you don’t touch your cat, it will play alone or it will sleep.
♦ Your cat tends to sleep more during the night.
♦ If your cat sleep, you can wake it up by taping its head or belly several times.


♦ Custom your lovely cat : you can change its eyes, its fur and the background, many more customization to come in the future.
♦ Different views possible : you can choose between different camera views.
♦ This live wallpaper has sound, it can meow,purr and hiss! you can mute it in the live wallpaper options.

***TO AVOID BLACK SCREEN ISSUE : Please wait for the wallpaper to be fully loaded prior to click “set wallpaper” button***

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