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Boat Browser 7.7 APK for Android

Boat Browser 7.7 APK for Android


Boat Browser for Android Features:

  • More Customizable
  • We have optimized the default features listed in the (Side) Toolbar. And you can customize the features as you like: re-arrange, add and remove buttons, just by dragging the corresponding icon.
  • Personalized Themes
  • Bored with the default theme? Can’t be satisfied just changing the theme’s color? No Problem! Boat Browser’s got you covered!
  • Boat Browser’s team will supply you more and more cool themes and styles, to make your browser completely personalized!
  • Add-ons
  • An Add-on is the unlimited expansion of your browser. Customize your browser by installing Boat Add-on’s that will enhance your browsing experience.

Download Boat Browser 7.7 Android APK

You can download the APK file for Boat Browser 7.7.0 from here: Download Boat Browser 7.7.0 APK – (Google Play Store).


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