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Adaptxt Keyboard – Phone APK for Android

Adaptxt Keyboard – Phone APK for Android

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Adaptxt – Intelligent Keyboard! Faster, Smarter & Fluid texting in 68 Languages.
***If the device is not set to auto update time mode, then there might be some connection timed out issues while downloading add-ons***
Bug fix:issues regarding device overheating due to excessive CPU usage have been resolved
Adaptxt Keyboard for Android Smartphones provides extensive language and industry specific add-ons for android users, typing and texting in multiple languages on your Android phone has never been easier
This Smartphone android keyboard can keep a check on your hasty typos by offering relevant word prediction and error correction suggestions and provide you with a fun and effortless texting experience
Adaptxt keyboard for phone introduces an innovative and valuable SMS dictionary add-on for SMS/chat buffs, it makes casual chatting a breeze by providing SMS slang such as: btw,gtg,dey,bttr,etc,at your fingertips
Adaptxt also has a dedicated android keyboard for our tablet users with various features, Adaptxt keyboard for tablet is available here-Adaptxt keyboard – Tablet
Key Features
•21 new language and technical add-ons have been added to our diverse list of add-on
•2 new SMS dictionary add-ons for our text savvy users
•In-app installation:all language and technical dictionary add-ons can be installed directly from the Add-on Manager
•Search word meanings directly though our keyboard on Wikipedia
•Swipe across the space bar to switch between different dictionary add-ons while typing on our keyboard
•Sync Adaptxt keyboard with your Facebook and Twitter accounts and post messages with a single tap through the keyboard

New Add-ons:
The Irish Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic and Manx add-ons have been developed by linguists of our open source community – OpenAdaptxt
•French (BE)
•Irish Gaelic
•Scottish Gaelic

Supported Add-on languages:
•Indonesian-Bahasa Indonesia
•Malay-Bahasa Melayu
Supports: QWERTY, QWERTZ, QZERTY, AZERTY and other android keyboard layouts.

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ads Playasia - Your One-Stop-Shop for Asian Entertainment
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