500 Firepaper 2.27 APK for Android

500 Firepaper 2.27 APK for Android

500firepaper-Android 500 Firepaper 2.27 APK for Android

500 Firepaper for Android Features:

  • 500 Firepaper provides a live wallpaper and a daydream showing you the latest images from 500px throughout the day.
  • You never need to look at that boring old wallpaper again, or search for hours for a nice new one. This app will show you quality photographs from all over the world – different ones each day!
  • The feature (popular, editor’s choice, fresh, etc) and categories displayed are of course configurable, as is the refresh interval and the brightness of the images.

Download 500 Firepaper 2.27 Android APK

You can download the APK file for 500 Firepaper 2.27.0 from here: Download 500 Firepaper 2.27.0 APK – (Google Play Store).

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